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Our Services

With 25 years of expertise spanning credit card transactions and crypto, MRG maximizes revenue by increasing transaction volume and guaranteeing compliance and security against fraud...more

Our groundbreaking identity solutions enable brands to drive ROI by identifying, targeting, and connecting consumers to the personalized experiences that drive adoption, loyalty, and transactions....more

Our exclusive tools [BM1] for email marketers unlock the world’s most compliant data graph for intent, products, identity, analytics, and more...more

MRG offers a powerful ecommerce jumpstart solution that bundles lead capture and opt-in, payment processing, fraud and risk services, and privacy compliance into a single seamless suite....more

  • PERSISTENT ID Technologies

  • 225,000 published partners

  • 500M unique identities

  • 25M monthly signals 

  • 159M Of Persistent Cookies


Data Highlights

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