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Bridging the Gap

between privacy solutions and marketing technology

The Ecommerce Growth
Team for Martech

Unlocking Growth: Connecting E Commerce Worlds

At Merchant Resource Group (MRG), we scale companies and grow businesses. We connect our network of suppliers in payments and marketing technology with our strategic alliance demand partners..more

Secure Payment Processing

With 25 years of expertise spanning credit card transactions and crypto, MRG maximizes revenue by increasing transaction volume and guaranteeing compliance and security against fraud....more

Privacy Compliant Data Solutions

Our exclusive tools for email marketers unlock the world’s most compliant data graph for intent, products, identity, analytics, and more...more

Advanced Identity Resolution

Our groundbreaking identity solutions enable brands to drive ROI by identifying, targeting, and connecting consumers to the personalized experiences that drive adoption, loyalty, and transactions....more

Gateway Consent + Privacy

MRG offers a powerful ecommerce jumpstart solution that bundles lead capture and opt-in, payment processing, fraud and risk services, and privacy compliance into a single seamless suite....more

Grow Your Vision

Our ecosystem of e-commerce merchants and referral partners provides an ultra efficient way of reaching over 9M websites and publishers


Scale and sale solutions for over 25 Years 

MRG is like a special force unit of business development leadership, with deep expertise in the ecommerce marketplace. We help new early stage, martech focused companies accelerate growth, increase market share, and scale by fusing a deep expertise in payments, identity resolution, and data management together in a single, symbiotic ecosystem.  

Our Data Tells Our Story


Years of Experience


Processing Merchants




Single Ecosystem

Our Partners

Form Strategic Alliances with Best of Breed Providers.
MRG means business. Connect with the expert team at MRG to discuss your goals, your challenges, and how we can propel you forward - faster.
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